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Windermere Real Estate Co.

2636 NW Market Street

Seattle, WA 98103

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Office: (206) 789-7700

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Website: http://michelleinseattle.com


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Meet Michelle Shafagh (pronounced “Shah-Fog”)

Michelle has been in the real estate industry since the early nineties and continues to stay up to date with the latest law changes, case studies, market data and trends, mortgage updates, and of course the latest technology. With her level of experience and collective interests, she has been able to cultivate her passions into a career where she can pass her skills onto her clients and is committed to helping them in any and every way she can.

Sustainability and Green Living

Michelle is not only a managing level Windermere Real Estate broker, but a proud graduate of the Sustainable Building Advisory Program, which promotes cost effective, healthy, environmentally responsible, and forward-thinking ways to design and construct buildings. In addition, Michelle has worked periodically as a project associate with Obrien and Company (a leading green building consulting firm) and has a number of green building projects in her portfolio. Whenever possible, Michelle works to integrate this vision into her business, whether to help builders with their design & material choices or to assist clients with green building education which can help minimize the impact on the environment, as well as modify their existing properties into healthier & smarter homes.

Northwest Gal

Living in the lovely PNW, Michelle loves being outside and takes advantage of all that the area has to offer. In her spare time she gets into snowboarding, running, hiking, and cycling, and of course spends every minute she can with her family, dog, and cat. She is passionate about giving back to the community and is a HouseKey and Homebuyer Education Instructor with the Washington State Housing Finance Commission, which helps first time homebuyers learn how to purchase and maintain a home. She also helps low-income and homeless families through the Windermere Foundation. In fact, a portion of each of her commissions goes straight to the foundation, so when she gives back to the community, you give back too.