Melissa Homer


Windermere Real Estate Co.

2636 NW Market Street

Seattle, WA 98107

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Office: (206) 789-7700

Mobile: (360) 670-6201




Website: http://melissahomer.withwre.com/

License Number: 117412

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Real Estate Background

Melissa Homer is a Washington native with a hospitality background and a natural aptitude for sensing people’s needs. Prior to becoming a Realtor she worked as a licensed assistant as well as working in event planning, hotel management and restaurants.  Melissa cares about people and relationships, not just the house. She is known for being empathetic, intuitive, and calm in stressful situations. Whether you’re buying your first home, finding a good neighborhood for your kids, or looking for your dream home, Melissa will be your trusted advisor from start to finish.

About Melissa

Melissa enjoys traveling and giving back to the community. She volunteers regularly with local charitable social organization called The World is Fun. She is active on the event planning team, and the volunteer liason "Sherpa" team. Melissa is an avid traveler who has been to five continents and has plans to visit all seven within the next decade. She has been known to combine her love of animals and volunteer work with her passion for travelling, having volunteered at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in South Africa. Melissa has a lab mix named Dahlia; she enjoys baking, hosting dinners, and the great outdoors.