Kathy Oman


Windermere Real Estate Co.

2636 NW Market Street

Seattle, WA 98107

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Why Real Estate

Spending years as a real estate photographer, Kathy realized her love of houses and passion for working with people. Combining these both, she has become a real estate broker; a natural next step. As a real estate photography specialist, she knows exactly how to portray your home. For Kathy it’s all about experiences. She’s always up for an adventure and doesn’t mind travelling to wherever her clients need her to be. Having lived in Seattle her whole life, she’s extremely familiar with the area and can help you find the right neighborhoods to suit your unique needs. Whether you’re looking for a feng shui consultation or 3D photography, Kathy will be your full-service agent.

About Kathy

Continuing with the spirit of adventure, Kathy is a big traveler. She’s volunteered in Guatemala converting a church into a school with computers, a playground, art supplies, and much more. She also travelled to Malawi where she donated cameras and taught orphans all about photography. Kathy used the photos the children took and made an English/Chichewa book for them. Not only that, she loves animals as well, especially photographing for the wild life conservation networks. From Cuba to Iceland, her adventures have taken her all over the world. Giving back is near and dear to Kathy’s heart. In fact, a portion of her commission goes to the Windermere Foundation, supporting low income and homeless families so when she gives back to the community, you give back too.

Homeowners Handbook

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