Hailey Steiner


Windermere Real Estate Co.

2636 NW Market Street

Seattle, WA 98107

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Office: (206) 789-7700

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Website: haileysteiner.com


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Southern Charm + Seattle Spirit

I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. A love for technology and the available job opportunities led me to the great emerald city. I quickly fell in love with its beauty, opportunity, and culture. I previously worked in management consulting and technology startups around the Seattle area. In my most recent adventure, I followed my love for real estate and joined the reputable Windermere Real Estate company. I believe technology is an integral part of all successful transactions. However, with the efficiency of technology comes the degradation of face-to-face, personal relationships. Therefore, my goal as a real estate agent is to allow the efficiency of technology and my southern hospitality to work together creating both a close bond with each client while successfully closing a seamless and efficient transaction.

Honesty + Loyalty

As a trustworthy and honest real estate agent, I will represent you with both passion and compassion. My heart for people and their success in life will reflect in the way we work together. I will honor your opinions and collaborate with you to get to a sales price or purchase price you are comfortable with.

The Facts + The Market

With new technology, property facts are fairly easy to obtain without an agent. However, creatively forming an agreement and working the real estate network is an art. Forming a creative offer or sale is what I do best. Windermere is a wonderful and local brokerage whose network and mentorship is priceless. When you work with me, you work with a reputable network who knows how to put your best interests first.